Generating Actionable Intelligence across brand-critical campaigns has become confusing, costly, and time consuming. Too much data from too many sources prevents stakeholders from quickly delivering valuable insights to make decisions and shape business strategy. 

Understand Campaign Performance and Impact Faster

The Turbine platform aggregates the most relevant data from many sources and APIs - social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), forums and blogs, digital media - even broadcast and radio - to give a clear and accurate picture of the true performance of every campaign.

Know Competitors Better Than They Know Themselves

Your competitors may be utilizing single source listening or monitoring, but they’re missing the full picture. Turbine Labs uses ‘hyper-curation’ to define the true narrative of topics, enabling stakeholders to find unique, valuable content that can help define competitive strategy.

Measure and Monitor Long Term Changes in Brand Reputation

Turbine Labs archives and performance scores all historical reporting to enable brands to track and monitor reputation and sentiment over time. Historical archives allow stakeholders to engage and re-engage influencers and key media, as well as forecast future campaign performance.

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