Pay for insights and intelligence you'll actually use. Not for tools and software you don't. 


Turbine Segments™ are immediately actionable topic and campaign briefings generated for your brand, competitor or industry at the cadence of your choice. The Turbine platform aggregates consumer, media, influencer, and virality data from multiple sources to determine the true impact of an event or campaign. Prior to delivery, human analysts curate, organize, and sentiment score all content into a consistent, easy-to-understand format. The result? Faster, more informed decision-making than ever before. 


Even with the expanse of options for media consumption and interaction, email continues to deliver higher open rates, engagement, and retention than most other forms of communication.

Turbine Intelligence Briefings are custom branded, custom curated, daily or weekly email briefings that deliver contextual, relevant news and social media content related to your brand, competitors or industry.

Simple and highly effective, Turbine Intelligence Briefings are relied upon by brands and organizations with lists as small as 100 external subscribers and as large as 15,000 employee subscribers.

To sample a Turbine Custom Intelligence Briefing, subscribe to the JetStream Briefing, a daily summary and commentary around the most important tech and media news and newsmakers.